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Every Prospect in the Lead Generation List Includes:


Company Name


Contact Email


Contact Title


Contact Name


Company Address


Company Domain


Contact Profile


Company Phone No


Additional Company Detail

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Will there be any discounts?

We may consider our prices when there are huge volumes involved. Please get in touch with us to get the exact quote.

Do you provide email list on any geographical location?

Yes we do provide email lists on any geographical location. Some of the locations which we have worked are: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Israel, Middle East, China, India, etc. (this also includes states of each country)

How are you different from any other database sellers?

We never sell readymade database. Every prospect list that we build would be tailor made which would fit your needs only and cannot be used by anyone else, thus providing you with a competitive advantage.

What other details you can provide other than emails of a person?

We can provide details like Company Name, Company Website, Contact Person Name, Designation of the person, Business email of the person, phone number, address, social media urls of the company as well as the person.

How do you verify the emails?

We use a multi-layered verification process, industry-defining lead generation tools, and also make use of various proprietary email verification tools and software to make sure none of the provided emails bounces back.

What are the industries you have worked for?

We have served our lead generation strategies and services to more than 25+ industries with various sub criteria involved in the research. To name a few industries where our major clients belong to Automobile, Banking & Finance, E-Learning, Fintech, Health-tech, Hospitality, Hotels or Restaurants, Real Estate, Retail, SaaS, Staffing, Transportation, etc.,

Together let’s work together

We know the pain of prospecting, list building, and qualifying leads, so we try to make it a bit easy by providing the right lead to the SDR’s out there.
Try our sample list as there are no Contracts or hidden costs involved, pay for your bigger list only if you like our sample.

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